CIRAS Digest: Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015

Happy Tuesday. We reconvene CIRAS Digest today after some production difficulties stemming from the boss’ requirement that we spend Monday at the Iowa State Capitol.

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CIRAS Digest: Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015

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CIRAS Sets Table for Food Companies’ Success

For Iowa State University meat specialist Joseph Cordray, it all comes down to Americans’ changing demands for dinner.

Evolving societal preferences have created new opportunities for Iowa food companies, Cordray believes. Firms just need to innovate—or, if necessary, to find someone who’s willing and able to help them do it.

“Your spouse’s definition of a homecooked meal I guarantee is not the same as your grandmother’s definition of a home-cooked meal,” Cordray, a professor of animal science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Iowa State University, said of the changing consumer demand. “Your grandmother used to spend all day in the kitchen making it.”

Ten Myths of Government Contracting – by Beth White

Government Contracting, or stated more simply “selling to the government” at any level; Federal, State and Local, is enough to make many business owners cringe at the thought.  “Too much red tape, good ole boy’s club” are some common thoughts, but all in all it is many times thought of as being a market that is just not worth the perceived headache. 

While selling to the government, just like any business endeavor, may not be for everyone, it is certainly a market to consider if you want to diversify your revenue stream.  To assist in the initial consideration of the market, we would like to take a stab at some of the myths surrounding working with the government. Some are promoting working with the government, some provide a more “realistic view” and some are taken straight from the government’s mouth…but all will provide an honest perspective that will help you make informed decisions about working with these customers.

CIRAS Digest: Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015

Happy Tuesday. Today, everything is focused higher – including the government, bankers, (if you read it wrong) high school students and Georgia manufacturing.

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CIRAS Digest: Friday, Feb. 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th.  Hope you all enjoy your romantic weekend at that secluded cabin in the woods where there was a tragedy many, many years ago. We’re sure it’ll all work out just fine.

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