Year: 2021

CIRAS Helps 43 North Iowa Chart New Course

Despite a global pandemic, two north Iowa service organizations will be ending 2020 on firmer footing thanks to a merger facilitated by CIRAS-arranged coaching and strategic planning. North Iowa Vocational Center Inc., or NIVC Services, formally joined with North Iowa Transition Center, or NITC, at the beginning of this year to become 43 North Iowa—a … Continue reading CIRAS Helps 43 North Iowa Chart New Course

CIRAS Helps Latham Hi-Tech Seeds Have Smooth Spring

An Alexander, Iowa, seed company estimates it will gain more than $3 million in new business over the next year, partly because CIRAS helped the company become more efficient in the face of rapid growth. Chris Latham, chief financial officer for Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, said his company struggled to keep up with its orders for soybeans and seed corn in 2019 as it expanded into new markets in South Dakota. The increased business, along with a growing trend of farmers seeking to accept their seed as close to the beginning of planting season as possible, seemed to be creating bottlenecks.

Collaborating to Predict Machine Failure

A Davenport manufacturer of electrical safety devices is prototyping a new product intended to help equipment operators predict when their machines will fail. The new system, which is expected to be released within the next year, will use special sensors created by Davenport-based Grace Technologies integrated with predictive algorithms using an Internet of Things (IoT) architecture. The technology has grown out of a collaborative, CIRAS-supported research effort between Grace and Iowa State University.

Participants Needed for Study on Stress & Safety at Work

Researchers at the Occupational Safety program at the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University are looking into how stress is affecting decision making on safety in manufacturing. The results from this study will be used to assist in developing programs and policies to reduce the negative impact that stress has on … Continue reading Participants Needed for Study on Stress & Safety at Work

Digital Lab: New Tech Brings New Possibilities

Iowa State University’s Digital Manufacturing Lab is adding new tools to give Iowa companies more minimal-risk ways to experiment with new technology. Chris Hill, director of the CIRAS Technology Assistance Program (TAP), said two new 3D printers will give the lab greater flexibility to produce detailed prototypes for Iowa companies looking to experiment with new … Continue reading Digital Lab: New Tech Brings New Possibilities

Construction Webinars: Tips for Government Contractors

Government agencies spend an enormous amount of money each year on construction projects for the public. These projects follow their own particular lifecycle and pose unique challenges for contractors when it comes to issues things such as site conditions, scheduling changes, or wage requirements. Wouldn’t you like some help navigating the complexities of this complicated world?

Did You Know?… 2021 is Finally Here!

Many of us are extremely grateful to put 2020 behind us and begin focusing on a more promising 2021. Our PTAC team is no different. We understand the challenges that many businesses have faced this past year and are working hard to support you virtually. I want to take this opportunity to remind you of the ways we can assist your business with pursuing government contracts: