It All Started Almost a Year Ago…

CIRAS and the ILC merged effective July 1, 2018, because we thought both organizations would work better by joining forces to spread the message of continuous improvement to companies and organizations.

“We can’t assume that a large number of new workers is going to materialize in Iowa,” CIRAS Director Ron Cox said then. “Iowa has had workforce difficulties for a long time, and companies are going to have to embrace new ideas if they hope to continue growing without additional people. For the foreseeable future, growing the company is likely going to require that you grow through operational excellence.”

ILC director Teresa Hay McMahon likewise described a “world of opportunity” involved in merging the two organizations, because “we’ve barely scratched the surface of what could take place in Iowa.”

We’re still working on forming a more perfect union, but we’ll get there. In the meantime, Happy Birthday/Anniversary, CIRAS & ILC!

Here’s to many more!

(And here are the Lean Coffees.)