What Our Peers Think:  Cybersecurity

Every day we hear another story about a hack. Terms like ransomware, two-factor authentication, data breach, botnets sound like they are from a science fiction movie, not the shop floor. Small- to mid-sized manufacturers are among the most frequent targets of hackers, driven in part by the perceived ease of beating your systems.The solution to cybersecurity risks is a complex mix of IT solutions, processes, and new cultural norms. Where do you start?

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Writen by: Mike O’Donnell
CIRAS Program Manager

Here is a sampling of advice from our counterparts at other affiliates across the MEP National Network™:

Need to build your team’s basic cyber skills? Try a web-based tool like www.knowbe4.com or Symantec.

Cybersecurity is going to be a serious issue for Iowa businesses for the foreseeable future. Please help us learn more about how CIRAS can assist you in obtaining unbiased information and access to all the cybersecurity services you need. Watch for an important CIRAS survey that will be coming out soon.

For more information or to request assistance with your cybersecurity issues, feel free to email me at modonnll@iastate.edu.