Hitting the road for the holiday? Plenty of summer is Made in Iowa

  1. 2017 Winnebego Vista

    Go on a summer road trip in a Born Free or Winnebago RV.

  2. Enjoy a day on the water in a Misty Harbor boat.
  3. Grill out with Graziano’s sausage (or choose from one of the 150+ other meat processors in Iowa!
  4. Have a barbeque at the park using a grill from Kay Park or Pilot Rock.
  5. Cool off with a Blue Bunny ice cream!
  6. Keep the bugs away with Simply Soothing bug repellant.
  7. Standard Golf provides much of the equipment you’ll find on the course, including cups and flagsticks.
  8. Visit one of the 70+ breweries, 80+ wineries, or 10+ distilleries. (But, we do not recommend visiting all of them in one summer!)
  9. Support your favorite baseball team and Iowa manufacturing in a Bimm Ridder shirt.
  10. Play some basketball with a Spalding hoop.

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