CIRAS NEWS: Friday, May 22, 2015

  • The Cedar Rapids Gazette wishes to remind you that Iowa remains a horrible place for a woman to own a business.
  • The (Carroll) Daily Times Herald has a column recounting something U.S. Rep. Steve King told local business leaders recently – that Iowa should look to the unemployed of Milwaukee for help easing this state’s workforce shortage.
  • Meanwhile, ICYMI, the Wall Street Journal and Market Watch have articles on China’s new plan to improve its manufacturing economy.
  • And while that’s going on, The Week magazine has a column on “Why Americans are so nostalgic about the manufacturing industry.” Lots of deep thinking here, but it essentially boils down to an argument that manufacturing is still strong, but (because of automation, etc.) the production is being done with fewer people. As a society, we miss the jobs.
  • And speaking of deep thinking, Huffington Post has a Swiss executive pondering the glories of a coming wave of smart manufacturing.
  • Also, a just-in bulletin from the Area Development website (apparently based on applications for state and federal tax incentives) says ConAgra Foods is planning a $50 million expansion of its plant in Cedar Valley, Iowa.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend.

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