New Tool Available to Help Companies with Workforce Strategy

Photo of Brenda Martin. Click for large version.
Brenda Martin, Workforce Programs Director

You must understand the needs, expectations, and desires of your current and future workforce before deciding what changes to make. Your company can identify areas of potential strength you can build on and weaknesses you may want to address by using a new assessment offered by CIRAS

In collaboration with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), NIST created the Job Quality Assessment based on Baldrige criteria focused on eight drivers of job quality. Iowa’s MEP, CIRAS, will make this available to  Iowa companies ready to improve worker satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Your team can complete the 32-question assessment to receive a summary.

Select ‘yes’ if you would like CIRAS (Iowa MEP) to analyze assessment results and contact you.

Click here to complete the short assessment:

For more, contact Brenda Martin at or 515-570-5282.