Registration Paves the Way for Highway Improvement Contracts

A $1 trillion infrastructure bill signed into law last November could mean more projects for Iowans who are certified to work with the government. 

Iowa is scheduled to receive $5 billion in funding for improvements, including $3.4 billion for highway repairs, $432 million to replace and repair bridges, $638 million for water infrastructure improvements, $305 million for public transportation, $120 million for airport infrastructure, and $100 million for expanded broadband internet coverage. 

While it could take six months for most of the money to be dispersed, funds that are expected to get out the door quickest are those that will go to state transportation departments for highway maintenance and repair. States will be getting roughly one-third more in formula highway funding than the year before. 

Like all public funds, this money will need to be awarded via public procurement processes and must go through a fair and open bidding process. An agency may use existing blanket contracts to issue work orders, but it is more likely that Iowa businesses will see an increase in requests for bids and proposals for these projects. 

CIRAS helps businesses understand the government bid process. Anyone interested in competing for work on projects that will come from the infrastructure bill should register to do business with the federal government on as soon as possible. 

CIRAS can sit down with your business, help you understand what specific opportunities exist, and walk you through the government contracting process.  

For more, contact Jodi Essex at or 515-509-0769.