CIRAS Expands Supplier Scouting Capabilities through IEDA Partnership

By Melissa Burant

The risks of having a global supply chain have never been more apparent. Severe weather events, the pandemic, and geopolitical issues have disrupted the global supply chain. The impacts of this are felt by every Iowa manufacturer. Finding new suppliers, especially local ones, is hard. A Google search is a great starting point but typically does not get you the answer you need.

In response to this disruption, CIRAS and the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) are partnering to help Iowa manufacturers work through supply-chain issues.

CIRAS is expanding its supplier scouting program to help companies identify suppliers, commodities, and manufacturing capabilities; they are also working to match companies to opportunities (both Iowa to Iowa and nationwide) using the MEP National Network™ (e.g., Iowa company seeks companies outside Iowa to manufacture its parts).

To further assist in supplier scouting and leveraging the capability for Iowa companies to connect to others in the state, IEDA has launched a statewide portal for Iowa manufacturers. Manufacturers can now register their business with the portal and highlight the capabilities or supplies it offers—in some ways, a tool for marketing what Iowa has to offer to other Iowans and a consolidated landing space for Iowa’s manufacturers to find others within the state and be found themselves by new customers or partners in industry.

As subject matter experts in the manufacturing sector and partners with Iowa’s manufacturers for more than 50 years, CIRAS will work with IEDA to help shape the portal into a useful tool for Iowa companies. Both agencies share a mission of promoting growth within the state, and they look forward to leveraging this tool to support continued growth for Iowa’s economy.

Keep your eyes open for the opportunity to register with the portal—it will be a chance to highlight the homegrown capabilities Iowa has within its borders.

For more information, contact Melissa Burant at or 563-726-9958.