CIRAS Generates Economic Impact of Over $3 Billion

The work done by CIRAS to strengthen businesses and communities across Iowa has generated an economic impact of over $3 billon in the past five years alone. Since 2016, CIRAS and its partners have helped more than 4,100 businesses in every Iowa county with solutions that have led to new or retained sales, new investments, and cost savings. In addition, over 31,000 jobs have been retained or created.

“This impact is a tremendous testament to the capabilities and commitment of the CIRAS team and our partners,” said CIRAS director Ron Cox. “We are all here to make a difference in Iowa, and the results reported by our clients clearly show that we are excelling in our mission to help Iowa and Iowans thrive.”

Businesses in Iowa continue to face many challenges. A growing concern is how to thrive in an environment where the population is not keeping up with business growth rates. CIRAS is developing strategies to address that workforce issue and others.

“We’re challenging ourselves to make it easier for our clients to strategically attract and retain people, become more productive with the people they have, and use technology to let people work on tasks that are higher value,” said Mike O’Donnell, CIRAS manufacturing program director.

For more information, contact Mike O’Donnell, at or 515-509-4379.