CIRAS Status: Our Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

May 27, 2020

At CIRAS, our mission is to Enhance the performance of industry through applied research, education, and technical assistance. During times of crisis, we do everything we can to continue serving Iowa industry while ensuring the health and safety of our team and your team.

In order to serve you while minimizing risk to our team and Iowa industry, we are operating with some changes to our services:

Like you, we are working on our process to return to the office, serve you at your location, and hold in-person events. We expect this process to take several months, but we are starting right now.

We’ve decided to make our internal CIRAS Return to Office Plan available publicly in Word format. Please feel free to download and use as you feel appropriate for your own business. If you have recommendations on how to improve our plan, please contact us at

We believe businesses are the foundation of healthy Iowa communities. Please reach out to us if your business needs any help during these difficult times. You can contact your local representative or email us anytime at

Thank you,

Ron Cox

Director, CIRAS