CIRAS Launches New Web Page with Coronavirus Advice

Roughly one month after the outbreak of coronavirus began, authorities now estimate that more than 75,000 people have been infected and more than 2,000 are dead. Thousands of manufacturers across China have struggled to reopen after travel restrictions prevented employees from returning from Lunar New Year holiday. With work delays still uncertain, large sectors of the U.S. economy seem to be holding their collective breath waiting for additional shoes to drop. In manufacturing, the impacts to the complex global supply of parts are not fully understood, but the slowdown seems likely to impact the demand for U.S. products in China.

Amid this uncertainty, CIRAS is seeking to provide clarity for Iowa companies who are worried about the impact of the disease, formally known as COVID-19.

CIRAS recently launched a new web page aimed at providing clear information and educational support for companies with questions about the virus. The page, which will be updated frequently, contains links to authoritative public information about the disease as well as tips for how Iowa companies can prepare for any potential disruptions to their supply chains.

Businesses should monitor that website regularly and feel free to contact CIRAS with any concerns.

For more information, contact Marc Schneider at