Did you know…What PTAC can do for You?

Written by Jodi Essex
CIRAS Government Contracting Specialist

For many people, opening a new calendar also means creating a new set of goals. This is the time of year when many of us resolve that we’re going to accomplish a few things that we know we need to do, such as lose weight, get healthier, and/or clean the basement.

At work, this clean-basement desire may translate into an effort to get more organized or learn about an area you don’t fully understand. We’d like to suggest that you make 2020 the year you get better informed about the world of government contracting. Are you ready to resolve that this is the year you’ll grow your company’s business with the government? If so, then the CIRAS Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is here to help.


PTAC government contracting specialists have decades of procurement expertise backed by a host of tools they can use to help your company make smart decisions about government business opportunities. These tools include:

  • FedMine – PTAC specialists use this database of federal government contract information to give you the best possible picture of your marketplace. We can tell you which government agencies historically have purchased your product, what prices they paid, and which contracts are about to expire. You’ll learn who your potential competitors are and who exists as a possible subcontractor.
  • GovSpend – This database provides a similar set of information as FedMine, only at the state and local government levels. Using GovSpend, PTAC specialists can tell you which state and local governments have purchased your product or service in the past, who they got it from, and what they paid. You’ll know what price you have to meet to be competitive. And you’ll also know exactly which person you need to deal with at the relevant government agencies.
  • BidMatch – A longtime tool of PTAC government contracting specialists, this service provides daily email notifications of bid opportunities and contract awards. We tailor the list to your abilities and your geographic requirements, so you only are sent the bids that are most relevant to your company.
  • Govology – This on-demand collection of educational webinars is a place where active PTAC clients can go to learn the intricacies of government contracting from professionals. Is there a part of the process you just don’t understand? You can get it explained to you by an online expert at a time that’s convenient for you.
  • Proxity – Are you confused by exactly what the government is trying to buy? PTAC specialists use this database to search NSN numbers and find the detailed plans for a particular product the government is seeking. We’ll help you find the exact specifications required so you’ll know whether you’re able to provide what they want and whether the bidding process is worth your time.

Wielding these and other tools, CIRAS PTAC specialists are here to guide you on your government contracting journey. Let us help you make it a very happy new year.

For more information, contact Jodi Essex at jodir@iastate.edu or 515-509-0769.