CIRAS Launching 2019 Needs Survey

CIRAS will be asking all these questions and more as part of a wide-ranging survey that will launch in June. The survey, along with some in-depth company panel discussions, is part of a regular process CIRAS uses to assess the needs of Iowa manufacturers.

“We need to know where you stand, so that we’re ready to meet you there,” said CIRAS program manager Mike O’Donnell. “From policy to workforce to technology, the pace of change keeps accelerating in manufacturing.”

The 2017-2018 needs assessment found that leaders from more than 225 manufacturers responding were most concerned about workforce availability and costs. It also identified a variety of technical and management solutions to ease workforce constraints that were effective, but not being used by the majority of companies.

Mike O’Donnell

The results of these surveys and forums held across the state drive investment and action by CIRAS. Among the key actions resulting from our most recent forum:

If you receive a survey request, please help us meet your needs by filling out the survey or passing it on to another leader in your business to complete.

CIRAS will release a summary of the industry’s needs in early 2020.


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