ISBF and IEDA Help Iowa Facilities Managers get a CEM

One key step toward making Iowa buildings more energy efficient is to place them into the hands of people who know how to find savings. Toward that end, two CIRAS partners have joined forces to help Iowa companies interested in reducing their energy costs.

The Iowa Sustainable Business Forum (ISBF) and Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) are offering full reimbursement for the cost of up to 50 Iowans becoming Certified Energy Managers (CEM). The money, which coming from an ARRA Energy Workforce Development Grant (via the IEDA), may be used to pay for study materials, training tuition, and/or certification exam fees.

Adam Hammes, executive director of the ISBF, said he expects the offer to appeal to anyone who currently manages an Iowa building or facility and wants to get better at what he or she does.

“CEM is the top designation for the energy management field,” Hammes said. “People who go through this program are going to learn all of the tools, systems, and techniques for identifying savings in energy systems.”

Any Iowa business with facilities or operations staff that have energy management education and/or experience should be eligible for this program. This industry-leading professional certification has the potential to help companies continuously increase the energy efficiency of their businesses, lower operating costs, and improve environmental performance.

For more information, contact Adam Hammes at or call 515-491-0706.