Navigating Artificial Intelligence Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a widely available method to translate once mundane and tedious tasks into efficient automated processes with assistance from computer systems in place of human labor. Due to the availability of technologies like ChatGPT, access to the benefits of AI is more prevalent now than ever before. But it is only the beginning.

In 2024, CIRAS launched our strategic initiative to assist Iowa companies in understanding AI. Throughout the year, we will share what you need to know, the opportunities and challenges of utilizing various AI technologies, and how to implement simple solutions to become more familiar with what is possible.

Whether you are immersed in AI on a regular basis or just starting to experiment with new tools, our goal is to demystify AI and help Iowa companies maximize efficiency and productivity.

A monthly virtual event series will connect you to experts who will share use cases for you to learn the available and relevant technologies. This series will be a resource for your AI endeavors as you encounter challenges and provide education to mitigate them before they become too big of a barrier.

We are committed to initiating conversations, mitigating technology risks, and assisting companies with successful implementations. Join us in shaping the dialogue around AI and its strategic role in the future of work.

For more information, please contact Kirk Haaland at or 515-520-7623.

Visit to learn more and register.