CIRAS Welcomes 2023 Summer Interns


CIRAS is set to welcome the 2023 summer interns to the team. CIRAS hosts interns throughout the summer, offering students professional networking opportunities that will contribute to their professional connection and interest in pursuing manufacturing.

The goals of the internship program are as follows:

  • Expose talented young professionals to manufacturing
  • Provide students with opportunities to apply academic knowledge, develop skill sets, and combine academic and practical learning
  • Help prepare the future workplace
  • Bring in fresh ideas and perspectives into the organization

Throughout this experience, interns assist CIRAS experts in helping Iowa companies find the tools they need to meet challenges as they arise and plan for the challenges they can’t see.

  • Supply Chain Interns: Will be part of a supply chain team that works with clients to help them develop a stronger, more resilient supply chain with effective supplier and distribution management strategies.
  • Automation Intern: Will be part of a technology team that works with Iowa manufacturers to help them understand what’s possible with automation and how they can use specific technologies to relieve bottlenecks in their business
  • Digital Lab Intern: Will contribute to the development and delivery of technical projects, educational events, and general assistance to Iowa companies and CIRAS staff
  • Graphic Design: Will contribute to the development of visual concepts/graphic designs internally and for CIRAS clients
  • Strategy Intern: Part of a team that provides support to manufacturing companies as they work to evaluate and implement growth, leadership, productivity, innovation, and technology improvements

If clients are interested in doing something similar, they should take into consideration that:

  • An internship program should be part of the overall strategic plans for the company
  • Every company is in a different stage when it comes to their student engagement. CIRAS can help assess where they are and provide coaching to establish a plan and make sure it’s sustainable
  • CIRAS can assist with evaluating your organization and program design

For more information, contact Mayra Ramirez at or 515-520-3101.