White Paper: Managing Supply Chain Risks

The ongoing pandemic has contributed significantly to disruptions and changes in the global supply chain. Many small and medium manufacturers (SMMs) have been harder hit by these interruptions than larger companies because SMMs rarely have the leverage and market presence to access supplies and transportation when resources are constrained.

While there is no single answer to solving the challenges smaller manufacturers face, an effective risk management strategy can alleviate some impacts. To help you take the first steps, CIRAS and our Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) National Network™ have released a white paper. What Comes Next, Mapping Your Supply Chain Network, and Supply Chain Management: A Component of Manufacturer Resilience covers several areas where SMMs can optimize opportunities and minimize risks in their supply chains. Some of the topics covered include mapping your supply chain, responding to impacts, and risk management tools. The guide also offers a risk management self-assessment tool and a to-do list.

“We’re in a time where smaller manufacturers feel at the mercy of global markets.” Says Mike O’Donnell, CIRAS associate director.  “Some simple steps can help you seize back control of your supply chain.”

The MEP is a nationwide network whose sole purpose is to help SMMs succeed. There are MEP programs in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

For more information, contact Mike O’Donnell at modonnll@iastate.edu or 515-509-4379.