Hogan Company LLC Gets Leg Up on Government Contracting with CIRAS Help

A new Dyersville concrete construction company landed four government contracts during its first few months of operation and began mapping a path to more ambitious efforts after working with a CIRAS government contracting specialist. 

Hogan Company LLC opened its doors in early 2021 and found its way to CIRAS through the SBA–Small Business Development Center. Company president Jenny Chambers-Hogan said she and her husband, Kevin, were looking for a trustworthy source to support them with government bidding opportunities. 

Julie Fagle, a government contracting specialist with the CIRAS Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), supported the company with understanding how to do business in the government sector. Fagle assisted them with completing necessary government registrations, applying for Iowa’s Targeted Small Business Program, conducting research to identify target government customers, and finding contracting and subcontracting opportunities. Fagle also connected the company with potential partners that aligned with their business strategy and encouraged them to continue making connections by attending CIRAS-hosted networking and educational events. 

“Julie has been a great resource and instrumental in our government contracting success,” Jenny Chambers-Hogan said.  

Kevin Hogan said the couple started their company with a focus on smaller jobs, direct and indirect, in the commercial and government sectors. 

Jenny Chambers-Hogan said, “Working with CIRAS has allowed our company to envision more opportunities and has positioned us to prosper and grow. CIRAS is such a valuable resource, and we will continue to work with them for years to come!” 

For more information regarding government contracting, contact Julie Fagle at jafagle@iastate.edu or 319-310-8612.