Cybersecurity Is Necessary to Secure Growth

By Jodi Essex

Are you still ignoring the word “cybersecurity”? You can’t any longer. 

As security breaches continue to occur in industries across the country, the need to assess your company’s level of security becomes increasingly important. Many businesses wonder where to begin with such an assessment, and this is where CIRAS can help. 

Our cybersecurity initial business coaching helps businesses understand their current cybersecurity position and shed light on the path needed to secure your data. We can help you understand the level of security your business needs to achieve and identify resources that can assist you with reaching that level. We can also explain the various services provided by cybersecurity firms and prepare you to ask the right questions before bringing them onboard.  

CIRAS also can provide cybersecurity technical coaching to assist companies with implementing basic cybersecurity hygiene, similar to the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Level 1. We’ll help you understand what practices are necessary to effectively secure your data and how close your company is to getting there. 

In addition, our technical coaching services educate you on the details of each of the cybersecurity controls outlined in the NIST 800-171 and help companies interpret how to comply.   

Data protection is certain to become a larger and larger portion of our business lives in the coming years. No company can afford to let “cybersecurity” become a dirty word.  Smart companies will act now and learn what they need to learn to safeguard their future. 

CIRAS can help you secure your business, mitigate your risks against cyberattacks, and position your company for growth. 

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