CIRAS joins with American Welding Society (Iowa) to host Successful Seminar

April 18, 2017
The Ames event, a Welded Connection Design and Fatigue Seminar, was sponsored jointly by CIRAS, the American Welding Society and Lincoln Electric, a major manufacturer of welding equipment. Sponsors arranged for welding design engineer Michael Florczykoski and nationally known weld design expert Duane K. Miller to spend a seven-hour day discussing the best ways to design products to avoid metal fatigue failures.

Miller in an interview described the subject matter as “widely established material but not well known” by many design engineers. “Most people don’t get this kind of training, but it’s critical to the performance of products that are made,” Miller said. “Otherwise, people come up with solutions that are suboptimal.”

American Welding Society officials, who use their annual educational event as a way to endow scholarships for students studying welding, described the 87 people who attended this year as nearly triple what previous events have drawn.

David Landon, manager of welding engineering for Vermeer Corporation and past president of the American Welding Society, praised a “truly synergistic relationship” with CIRAS that allows both entities to share valuable knowledge with their constituencies.

CIRAS metallurgist Paul Berge said he hopes to see more collaboration with professional organizations in the future.

“Welding and fabrication are very important aspects of manufacturing in Iowa,” Berge said. “The automotive and transportation industry in Iowa, the vehicle and trailer builders, the truck axle companies – there’s a lot of fabricating that goes into those products. I want to reach those people to tell them about our services, and going through the welding society obviously is a great way to do it.”

For more about the American Welding Society, visit For more information about CIRAS materials assistance, contact Paul Berge at or 515-294-5972.