Did You Know? Updates to SAM.gov

If you are experiencing challenges with your SAM registration – You are not alone. On April 4, 2022 the U.S. government transitioned from DUNS numbers to Unique Entity IDs, also known as a UEIs.  Many companies are experiencing challenges and delays in getting their SAM registrations renewed, preventing the government from being able to issue them contract awards.

The challenge lies with the entity validation process.  Dun & Bradstreet used to handle the entity validations, and when this function transitioned to Ernst & Young, your company’s data did not get transitioned.  The result is that Ernst & Young now needs to revalidate your company information, which is causing major delays because data in the system doesn’t align with your correct company data.

We have a few tips for you to consider before you renew.

  1. If you’re currently registered in SAM – Review how your business name and address is currently in the system. Capture it in a screen shot or note it. Verify your information aligns with the new/renewal registration.
  2. For new registrations – Verify your business name with Iowa Secretary of State. One of the multiple reviews that the new registrations/renewals go through is verifying how your business name is registered with the Secretary of State. https://sos.iowa.gov/search/business/search.aspx

Proceed with your registration and if the correct business name or address isn’t an option, proceed forward by entering an FSD (federal service ticket) – it will request that you provide two types of verification with your business name and address. Providing a utility bill and tax documents are options to submit as verification. We are seeing upwards of six weeks for FSD tickets to become resolved.

If you’re having a challenge with your renewal and you have a renewal/new federal contract, please reach out to our team as we can escalate within SAM. This option is only available for contract holders that are having issues with SAM, and the registration is holding up the contracting process.

If you’re having issues or would like support with SAM, feel free to reach out to the government contract specialist in your area.