ILC Webinar Week: January 19-22

This month, the Iowa Lean Consortium is offering you a week’s worth of intensive learning – and you won’t even have to leave your desk.

Written by Tracy Schuster
ILC Program Director

The ILC’s 2021 Webinar Week begins on January 19 – the day after Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday – and includes four days of intensive presentations covering various aspects of Lean. The webinar topics will include:

  • Five Problems with Your Problem Solving. Most companies never get beyond the templates and terminology of problem-solving. Why? This one-hour webinar will explain what gets in the way of problem-solving success: including why you’re too focused on templates and why managers are solving the wrong problems.
  • Value Stream Transformation: Learn How to See and Improve Complex Work Systems. Value stream analysis, design, and management is a leadership-driven, customer-centric approach to work systems. This one-hour webinar, based on Karen Martin & Mike Osterling’s Shingo Award-Winning book Value Stream Mapping, will describe how it can be used in organizations of all sizes to improve quality, speed up delivery, lower costs, and create a healthier work environment.
  • Lean A3 Problem Solving. This one-hour webinar will explain how your organization can bring to life the values articulated in its guiding principles or mission statement. Nationally known Lean expert Mike Hoseus will explain the specific steps/actions (such as communication, buy-in, engagement, and more…) that your organizations should consider while using its problem-solving processes in daily activities.
  • Leading the People Side of Lean. Have you introduced visual management tools only to have them turn into unused wallpaper? This one-hour webinar will help you improve the way you interact with people along your Lean journey, whether you’re in an official management role or an informal leader trying to influence and support teams.

All webinars are free for ILC members who have joined or renewed their memberships for 2021. Make plans now to include a little Lean learning in your week.

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