CIRAS DIGEST: Friday, April 29, 2016

  • First the news-ish content: The Des Moines Business Record has a report calling for Iowa to focus on energy jobs so as to “maximize job growth and give the state a competitive economic advantage.”
  • Meanwhile, The Atlantic has a piece advising presidential candidates about “The Impossibility of Reviving American Manufacturing.” The nutshell of the argument is that this is not 1979, and we can’t go back to that kind of manufacturing economy. Because “by and large, the manufacturing sector has only grown more skilled through the cutbacks of the last decade; the positions America has lost were positions it outgrew.”
  • On a similar note, The New York Times has a piece arguing that it’s a “mirage” for presidential candidates to talk about a “return to manufacturing greatness” because manufacturing employment is shrinking across the globe as the world becomes more productive.
  • FYI: A story on the website of Global Trading magazine focuses on details of a Warton School of Finance study about investments made by 75 global companies. According to the survey, most of those companies’ new investments in U.S. made manufacturing came not from reshoring but from European and Asian companies. A professor is quoted that companies that are coming to North America for manufacturing are doing for “market access and access to innovation, not for low labor costs.”
  • Another reminder of things you need to worry about: SC Magazine has a report from some IBM task force saying there’s an up-tic in “cyber incidents targeting manufacturing companies.” (Although health care was still the most targeted industry in 2015.)
  • And finally, if you’re interested in numbers, Forbes has an article describing a Price Waterhouse Coopers report on 3-D printing and seven ways it’s “making manufacturing more competitive.”

Thanks for reading.

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