CIRAS DIGEST: Friday, April 15, 2016

  • First of all, ICYMI, we have word from MidAmerican Energy about a big investment in wind power. The Des Moines Register called referred to it as the company’s “giant, $3.6 billion step Thursday toward its goal of meeting all of its customers’ power needs with green energy such as wind and solar.”
  • A website called The Diplomat has a story documenting “the Human Cost of China’s Manufacturing Slowdown.” Layoffs are coming, and it’s going to hurt.
  • If you’re interested in sustainability, you might want to read this blog from Cisco, in which that company toots its own sustainable horn.
  • Meanwhile, One America News Network has the latest reality check on political talk re: the need to return manufacturing jobs to America. Not going to happen, the article concludes, because of America’s inevitable trend of producing more with fewer people.
  • On a similar note, Forbes has a piece that attempts to explain why “we want Finance to grow faster than Manufacturing.”
  • Finally, turning to the technical, Computer World has a piece on a start-up company with a new 3-D printer that is billed as being able to “create objects 25 to 100 times faster than other 3-D printers.” It’s being sold as a subscription service for $40,000 per year. And CBS has video.

Thanks for reading.

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