CIRAS DIGEST: Tuesday, March 8, 2016

  • Reuters says new orders for U.S. factory goods increased by the most in seven months in January. The story suggests that “the worst of the factory slump appears to be over.”
  • Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Star says Indiana’s auto industry is “on pace for a banner year.”
  • Vox has a short piece that essentially seeks to argue that political candidates need to pipe down about bringing back America’s manufacturing jobs, because any stimulus/tax benefit/etc. that you through at the problem isn’t likely to lead to much change in employment. It’s more reasonable than the clickbaiting headline makes it seem: “Robots took the manufacturing jobs – and they’re not coming back.”
  • Why would someone think the politicians need to pipe down? Bernie Sanders said a few things. Also, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz both were talking manufacturing and taxes in separate discussions this past week. Follow the links if you want any details.
  • The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle has a story about a program where potential high school dropouts in Richmond County will be offered a second chance to earn diploma credits while they receive job training and gain experience at a local manufacturing plant. Seventy-five students are supposed to start classes this fall.
  • Meanwhile, according to an AP story posted on the website of KWWL-TV, China’s top economic planning official said over the weekend that “China’s economy will absolutely not have a hard landing.” So there you go.

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