CIRAS DIGEST: Friday, February 26, 2016

  • Capital equipment orders were up in January, a sign according to Bloomberg Business that the “Slump in U.S. Manufacturing may be Easing as Orders increase.” Meanwhile, the New York Times describes the numbers as a suggestion that “Manufacturing Has Turned the Corner.”
  • CBS This Morning had an interesting story about the “’Silicon Prairie,’ America’s new Entrepreneurial Frontier.” The story focuses mainly on start-ups in Lincoln, Neb., but includes a reference to the ginormous tech boom occurring in a triangle between Lincoln, Kansas City and Des Moines.
  • And speaking of Iowa businesses, The Register has a story about a new fund that aims to invest in them. River Glen Venture Partners “aims to raise a pool of $25 million that it would invest in early-stage companies.”
  • For a broader view, the Tulsa World has a column from a local manufacturing executive there urging Oklahoma to take advantage of its universities and the students in them to boost innovation. Citing a host of cutting-edge tools such as 3-D printing and advanced robotics, the column says it’s “not yet seen” how manufacturers will “embrace and utilize these technologies… but leveraging higher education institutions will help show us the way.”
  • Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Business Journal has a column explaining the numbers behind a recent decision by Carrier Corp. to shut down some operations there and move production to Mexico. The article closes with mentioning productivity gains in recent decades and by quoting an Indiana business professor: “Manufacturing is not in decline, but the size of the manufacturing workforce is in decline.”
  • Industry Week, meanwhile, has an article on efforts to turn out better employees by getting industry and education officials to work together and turn out “workers who are job-ready on Day One.”

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

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