CIRAS Digest: Monday, February 1, 2016

  • ICYMI, the New York Times weighed in last week with an overview of Iowa’s workforce difficulties, noting that “In Iowa, Jobs Are Plentiful but Workers Are Not.”
  • Meanwhile, a Bloomberg reporter’s story on the hidden (from the national media) power of finance in Iowa’s economy, notes that recruitment by Principal Financial Group “now isn’t much of a challenge given the area’s relatively low cost of living, an increasingly vibrant downtown with housing for young professionals and more robust air service.”
  • Meanwhile, U.S. is still expanding its manufacturing jobs even while capital spending is down. According to Fox Business, the manufacturing sector jumped “out of contraction in January.  Market Watch describes the mixed messages of spending down even while other indicators are up as signals from a sector that’s teetering “on the edge of recession.”
  • While teetering, manufacturers should be pondering cybersecurity, the Internet of Things and the state of regulation in China. Those, according to the National Law Review, are going to be the top manufacturing trends to watch for in 2016.
  • In other news, according to The Des Moines Register, the Iowa Economic Development Authority last week awarded $4.25 million “to fund a long-stalled ethanol plant in Cass County, despite recommendations from agency staff not to provide incentives for the $190 million project.”
  • In case you were wondering, The Des Moines Register announced last week that the Iowa National Guard brings in $353 million “in annual federal funding to Iowa.”
  • And finally, the Consolate of the Republic of Kosovo opened up on Friday on Court Avenue in Des Moines. According to the Register, Kosovo became Iowa’s ninth sister state in 2013.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

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