Year: 2015

CIRAS Digest: Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Almost-over Wednesday.  Not much out there today except odds and ends – making this the perfect day to test whether late afternoon is actually easier for catch-up reading. Tell us what you prefer. Now, here’s the stuff for the catching up:

CIRAS Innovation Summit to Map Future for Iowa Machinery Makers

Iowa machinery manufacturers have seen their share of U.S. machinery exports more than double since 2000, according to a CIRAS analysis of U.S. industry statistics. Now, manufacturers need to figure out how to build on that gain. A CIRAS analysis, completed by Iowa State University economist Liesl Eathington for an April 2 summit on the state of machinery production in Iowa, shows that Iowans have a competi­tive advantage over the rest of the na­tion—especially when it comes to making agricultural and construction equipment.