CIRAS Digest: Friday, December 18, 2015

  • ICYMI, Marco Rubio was in Knoxville yesterday calling on Americans to “‘embrace’ robotic manufacturing and other technology advances.” The Des Moines Register notes that “The focus on manufacturing is especially important in Iowa, which is the No. 1 producer of agriculture equipment in America, with an estimated 13,800 jobs in the state in 2014. Iowa’s also No. 2 in construction equipment manufacturing, behind Illinois, with 7,600 jobs.”
  • In overall money news, Reuters says housing data is showing some signs of a livening economy, while manufacturing remains weak. Seeking Alpha describes it as manufacturing showing “signs of stalling at year end.” And the Seattle Times, noting that the PMI Index has fallen to its lowest reading in more than three years, wonders where we can find the much ballyhooed “ ‘reshoring’ and the promised manufacturing revival in America?”
  • More locally, the Omaha World-Herald is citing a Creighton University economist to report that the rural Midwestern economy is the worst it’s been since January 2010.
  • Meanwhile, as part of the (very much contained) construction positivity, a Louisiana newspaper has the story of 250 employees who bought out a floor and truss manufacturing plant. Larry Rogers, the founder and CEO will continue to run Rogers Manufacturing.
  • Meanwhile, KCCI-TV in Des Moines says the Iowa Department of Human Services shaved $4 million off the estimated savings that the state would save by privatizing Medicaid. They’re now predicting savings of $47 million during the first six months. The numbers have been questioned by some legislators.
  • Also Thursday, the federal regulators told Iowa they want the privatization delayed.

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