CIRAS DIGEST: Tuesday, December 8, 2015

  • In this week’s 3-D printing naval gazing, Brookings has an article about how additive manufacturing is “building concerns layer by layer.” Essentially, it’s a look at policy implications of the advancing technology for things such as intellectual property and printing guns. For instance, cybersecurity is going to be more important in a world where 3-D designs are more important…
  • Business Insider has a piece pondering the “really ominous signal” coming via a slowdown in British manufacturing. Essentially, this interpretation of the tea leaves is that low oil prices, the slowdown in China, etc., all point to generally weak world trade for a while.
  • Locally, Des Moines’ city government voted to extend a long-debated tax abatement program on residential construction. According to The Des Moines Register, the change means roughly a half-dozen now-in-the-pipeline developments will have a chance to get the benefit before residential abatement goes away.
  • The Register also thinks you can forget about any “big tax cuts” coming out of the Iowa Legislature this winter.

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