CIRAS DIGEST: Monday, November 30, 2015

  • The conservative-leaning Breitbart site has a piece by the head of the “Job Creators Network” noting that 1.4 million waiter and bartender jobs have been added to the U.S. economy since 2007, while 1.4 million manufacturing jobs have been launched. Manufacturing is in a recession, according to the author. He blames excessive regulation.
  • Meanwhile, Seeking Alpha saw some positive signs in some manufacturing numbers released recently by the Federal Reserve.
  • Seeking Alpha also has a piece headlined: “The U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance: Weathering the Storm.” The upshot: “While there are some near-term headwinds to the manufacturing renaissance, the longer term case remains on solid footing.”
  • Closer to home, the Des Moines Register recently ran an editorial explaining why it doesn’t see the need for a new staff economist at the Iowa Economic Development Authority.
  • The Register also noted last week that Iowa’s unemployment rate has hit a 10-year low at 3.5 percent. (The Newton Daily News story has a few more numbers, if you’re interested in the math.)
  • Iowa State University (and CIRAS) economist Dave Swenson, meanwhile, thinks Christmas shopping will be roughly the same in 2015 as it was last year, according to Radio Iowa.
  • Speaking of impact on the economy, WHO-TV in Des Moines has a story describing a study by BRAVO, an organization formed to spend money on the arts and culture around central Iowa. The study says 2,336 people work in artistic jobs around the region, mostly in programs that draw 3.7 million people last year. The total economic impact adds up to $121 million.
  • ICYMI, a site called Search ManufacturingERP has a story on the increased use of tablets and other mobile devices in manufacturing. Nutshell: It’s all about better monitoring of the process and finding more efficiencies.
  • And finally, Fusion has a story on Google’s once-secret plans to spread wifi around the world using balloons. First step: Figure out how to make the balloons.

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