CIRAS DIGEST: Friday, November 20, 2015

  • We’ll start by giving you something else to ponder as you begin looking forward to the evening shoveling. ICYMI, two East Coat agencies gave Iowa a C+ grade on “climate related preparedness.” The Des Moines Register quotes the report as saying Iowa is “ ‘relatively unprepared’ for severe weather associated with climate change, including extreme heat, drought and flooding.”
  • Bloomberg says U.S. manufacturing was up in October for the first time in three months. Construction materials and new cars remain popular, apparently. The AP story credits factories with cranking out more “steel, cars and computers.”
  • The Wall Street Journal site has a video with Snap-On CEO Nick Pinchuk calling on a better PR job for manufacturing jobs. Welding jobs need to be “celebrated” as much as lawyers, he says.
  • The Sioux City Journal thinks it’s going to be a “tough budget challenge” for Iowa lawmakers this year, because “Gov. Terry Branstad and state legislators are facing a moving target at the start of a new budgeting cycle as state revenue growth has headed south.”
  • Iowa’s economy would be OK, according to a Des Moines Register interview with Darrell Cronk, president of the Wells Fargo Investment Institute (which the Register characterizes as making him “Wells Fargo’s chief investor.” According to the Conk’s quote in the article, “The good news about the Iowa economy is it is still a very balanced economy between manufacturing, services, as well as agriculture.” He expects strong consumer spending, a robust housing market, declining unemployment and higher wages in the coming year.

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