CIRAS Digest: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

  • This just in: The Des Moines Register filed a midday update noting a lawsuit (filed last week) by Iowa hospitals seeking to block the shift to private management of Medicaid.
  • In the ramp up to the next presidential debate (which is in Des Moines), The Register has a long piece today on the minimum wage. In 2014, Iowa (with 5 percent) had the 12th highest percentage of hourly workers earning the minimum wage or below.
  • ICYMI, Business Insider has a story about a “mysterious startup” called Faraday Future that appears to be aiming to compete with Tesla. The company reportedly is looking in California, Georgia, Louisiana and Nevada for a place to build a $1 billion factory.
  • Over the weekend, the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a fairly detailed piece about the decline of manufacturing in the Midwest in general (and Minnesota in particular).
  • Meanwhile, the Cattle Network website has a piece pondering (and quoting numerous Iowa State University experts on) what would happen if something similar to the most recent bird flu epidemic erupted in Iowa’s beef supply. Answer: From an economic standpoint, it wouldn’t be pretty.
  • And finally, the Waterloo Courier has a somewhat tedious story about an Eagle Center apple business. It’s notable, however, for the fact that the business owner didn’t quite his day job until he turned 62. He’s now picking apples at 86.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

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