CIRAS DIGEST: Tuesday, November 3, 2015

  • China’s manufacturing sector is still contracting but contracting more slowly, according to new numbers that were interpreted by the AP and others (in a story that ran, among other places, on ABC News) to be a sign of possible approaching stability.
  • Market Watch believes numbers due Friday about the size of American payrolls go a long way toward determining whether the Federal Reserve raises interest rates this year.
  • British manufacturing shot up sharply, but the Guardian thinks it’s a blip.
  • Meanwhile, Business Insider says “it looks like the worst is over for American Manufacturing.” Even though, according to CNBC, the growth rate remains at its lowest rate since 2013.
  • Continuing the general theme, the Des Moines Business Record notes that the Iowa’s Leading Indicators index fell again in September for the ninth consecutive month. The farm economy is dragging everything else down.
  • But while that seems to point toward upcoming weakness, the Waterloo Courier says it’s tracking numbers that “seemed to illustrate a strengthening local economy in areas like construction and finance” for the third quarter.
  • Meanwhile, the president of United Equipment Accessories, Inc. in Waverly wrote a letter to the editors of the Des Moines Register arguing that Iowa’s congressional delegation hasn’t done enough to support manufacturers.
  • Finally, Crain’s Chicago Business ran a story on 3Discovered, a company based there that is trying to (in the story’s words) become the Uber of 3-D manufacturing. They want to match manufacturers with printers, but they’ll need a much bigger 3-D industry to make it work.

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