CIRAS DIGEST: Tuesday, October 13, 2015

  • Entrepreneur has an interesting story about Vormi, a 5-year-old outdoor clothing manufacturer that’s trying to avoid having to manufacture overseas by working to create a network of small factories spread throughout rural Colorado.
  • And the Baltimore Sun has a similar story, involving Under Armour’s efforts to shift all its manufacturing into a “local for local” framework, where each region produces the items that are sold in that part of the world.
  • Just to show you that manufacturing PR is not just an Iowa issue…. The Buffalo News has a business column about the difficulties of recruiting new manufacturing workers. It includes an industry account of watching parents pull their children away by the collars after high schoolers express interest in manufacturing at a career fair.
  • In a similar vein, the Hartford Business Journal recently ran a solid overview of that state’s looming workforce shortage. [This officially marks the first time CIRAS’ communication manager has ever seen the term “Silver Tsunami” used to describe coming retirements by older manufacturing workers.]
  • The Quad City Times has a piece recounting “more than two dozen” overseas trade missions by the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The piece notes that “the effort appears to be paying off, given that Iowa posted more than $15 billion worth of export activity in fiscal 2015, with companies sending machinery, vehicles, meat and cereals to trading partners primarily in the Americas, Asia and Europe.”
  • And all this talk about economic development has prompted a Mason City Globe Gazette columnist to remark about how much his city has changed now that it’s fixed the “stupid.”


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