CIRAS DIGEST: Friday, October 9, 2015

  • First, the housekeeping. Last Friday was U.S. Manufacturing Day, and Iowa was heavily represented. All together, before the end of the month, there will be 132 events in Iowa celebrating American manufacturing – at least one in every Iowa county. We’re starting to get reports in from some of the events. Here are the best of the first round of snapshots.
  • ICYMI, Iowa’s Economic Development Authority and the state Department of Transportation announced this week that they’ll pay $500,000 to have two consulting firms come up with a plan for Iowa’s “energy supply and demand.” According to The Des Moines Register, the plan “will assess economic development and careers in the energy field, Iowa’s energy resources, transportation and infrastructure, as well as energy efficiency and conservation.”
  • Gov. Kim Reynolds told a Pella radio station that she thinks the $500,000 energy plan “makes sense as we look how we build out the future in Iowa.”
  • A Bloomberg columnist, responding to an essay in last Sunday’s New York Times that mentioned manufacturing jobs in the south, takes a part the history of job loss in different parts of the country. The upshot basically, if you’re a southerner whose job didn’t go overseas, you’re actually better off than your counterpart in the north.
  • Meanwhile, IndustryWeek has a column from an economic analyst that basically highlights weakness in the manufacturing job numbers and wonders whether the bottom has “finally fallen out for manufacturing job growth?
  • Deloitte University Press has posted a transcript of one of their podcast discussion involving the impact of additive manufacturing. It does a pretty good job of explaining how 3-D is poised to eliminate the capital costs and allow companies to print small batches of items without all the start-up costs associated with tooling. Basically, says one of the participants, “complexity is free.”
  • And finally, the Atlantic tells us “How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens America’s Recent Manufacturing Resurgence.”

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