CIRAS DIGEST: Wednesday, September 30, 2015

  • First of all, we have a piece by the Manufacturing Institute prepared in the build-up to Manufacturing Day. Its headline: “Manufacturing: A Blueprint for America’s Future.”
  • We also found this Census website where you can find a bunch of manufacturing statistics. Fyi.
  • ICYMI, CIRAS has been working for several weeks with Elevate Iowa, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and others to promote Manufacturing Days in all 99 Iowa counties. We completed the “Full Grassley” last week. Details here.
  • The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier describes a report that came out last week – the Iowa chapter of Realtors Land Institute’s Land Trends and Values Survey – that says Iowa farmland dropped 11.3 percent between last September and this one. Values fell hardest in the northeast.
  • Time magazine has caught onto the fact that millennials, who generally don’t buy houses, are buying them in droves in Des Moines.
  • Ever ponder what flying robots might look like on an assembly line? A website called carscoops has. The story ponders the use of drones in automobile construction and includes video of three tiny helicopters building a small rope bridge.
  • Meanwhile, IndustryWeek has a rather detailed article by the head of a consulting firm explaining how “The Financialization of the Economy Hurts Manufacturing.” The argument, which includes lots of charts, essentially is that jobs were lost as more of the economy shifted focus.

Thanks for reading.

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