CIRAS DIGEST: Friday, September, 11, 2015

  • ICYMI, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is in South Korea on a trade mission. The Des Moines Register says he’ll be back on Sunday.
  • Meanwhile, the chief economist for the United States Chamber of Commerce spoke in West Des Moines on Thursday and said the U.S. has “never really recovered” from the Great Recession. According to the Register’s account, Martin Regalia said the failure to fully recover means we’ll likely be in bad shape when the next recession hits.
  • CBS News says Iowa farmers are worried about China’s economy. According to the article, one out of every four rows of soybeans planted goes to the Chinese, sparking concerns about what might happen as China’s economy slows.
  • A site called CIO has an article detailing three ways wearable technology will change manufacturing. The author envisions, among other things, a world where line workers can work more quickly because they can point their Google Glass at a box and see a list of its contents instead of having to open it.
  • In related news, MIT is joining a $171 million public-private consortium dealing with manufacturing flexible electronics.
  • And finally, we just found this month-old story about a 13-person Des Moines startup that claims to produce the fastest bicycle in the world. Rüster Sports, told FoxNews that their Dimond model is made from carbon fiber and been shown in wind-tunnel tests to be faster than anything else on the market. The Dimond sells for between $5,950 and $13,000.

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