CIRAS DIGEST: Tuesday, August 18, 2015

  • First comes the booze: The Kansas City Star notes this morning that a public comment period ended Monday on efforts to create the federally recognized Loess Hills District Vitacultural Area covering 66 vineyards operating in a 12,897-square-mile area stretching throughout western Iowa and two counties in Missouri. The idea is that this would be a promotional boon to the wineries that operate in that region (on actual wine-producing land that totals 112 acres). As of now, there are no complaints on file. The move, if approved, would let wineries tout the name of the district on their labels.
  • The Des Moines Register has a study that came out Monday (after being commissioned by the Iowa Farm Bureau) estimating that bird flu has cost the Iowa economy a total of estimate of $1.2 billion.
  • A site called Community Digital News has an opinion piece from a finance professor at Stockton University attempting to explain why “Trump Can’t Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back and Americans Shouldn’t Want Them.” The argument is that goods will cost more if The Donald succeeds with claims that he’ll get manufacturing jobs reshored. The piece argues that the U.S. is shifting beyond manufacturing into a service economy returning low-skilled jobs to the U.S. “may help a small percent of the population, but the vast majority will be harmed.”
  • Meanwhile, Men’s Journal explains that many brands of menswear are returning their manufacturing jobs to the U.S. because it’s simply too difficult to manage the manufacturing elsewhere.
  • Also, ICYMI, Forbes last week had an article calling for more U.S. manufacturing leaders to help America “grab the pole position: in a new race to lead in manufacturing. (What the race is toward isn’t exactly stated in the article.)
  • Closer to home, a report commissioned by the Iowa Wind Energy Association not surprisingly says that new federal carbon reduction standards could boost Iowa’s economy through wind development, according to The Des Moines Register.
  • And the Register, citing Federal Reserve statistics, also notes that Midwestern farmland values are dipping.
  • Meanwhile, according to ABC News, an index put out by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said Monday that manufacturing there in July hit its lowest level since April 2009.
  • And a Sunday opinion piece in the Register urged Congress to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank “for the good of commerce in our country and the success of businesses here in Iowa. Listed authors of the piece include the heads of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Vermeer, and the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.

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