CIRAS DIGEST: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

  • This just in: According to Politico, Donald Trump is refusing The Des Moines Register’s request that he fire himself.
  • And speaking of unemployment…. Numbers released Tuesday (and chronicled in the Register) show Iowa’s fell to 3.7 percent in June.
  • And briefly returning to national views on local news, Politico also has a piece on why political candidates aren’t talking about a major economic issue in Iowa: the fallout from avian flu.
  • It’s RAGBRAI time, which potentially means a lot of money for the small Iowa towns who get invaded by heavily hydrated cycling enthusiasts. The University of Iowa’s business school on Monday put out a press release about some students from the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center who are working with the town of Solon.
  • On Tuesday, Kodak blew up a 92-year-old building in New York where the company used to make film. Explosion video here, if you want to see it. Boom noises start at 3:50.
  • There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking here, but Forbes had a piece on a Harvard Business School study about the interplay between local manufacturing clusters and globalization. Clusters survive, according to the study, when the company serves as a knowledge integrator and continually pushes local suppliers to improve.
  • Elsewhere, a different Forbes contributor has an interview with a General Electric robotics guy, who describes a future where manufacturing workers and robots work together as a team to create a very flexible, efficient production line.

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