CIRAS DIGEST: Tuesday, June 23, 2015

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, personal income growth in Iowa was the worst in the country in the first quarter of 2015 (at a -1.2 percent). A Cedar Rapids Gazette story says Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota were the only states in the U.S. where the numbers were negative, and that’s likely attributable to decreased farm earnings tied to decreased livestock output.
  • The seesaw state of America’s manufacturing industry appears to be stabilizing, according to this Reuters story, which says business investment spending increased slightly in May.
  • ICYMI last week, CIRAS is purchasing a metal 3-D printer to help Iowa businesses learn about and experiment with the technology. In that light, Forbes has a new piece arguing that 3-D printing is already an inevitable technology due to the flexibility and potential for customization that it offers.
  • Meanwhile, a different Forbes article says trade with China is killing U.S. manufacturing jobs, “but not the high paid ones.”
  • In there-goes-the-neighborhood news, we found this story from a Salinas, Calif., TV station, about an industrial park where business owners are concerned about a new candy company. Altai Brands plans to make cannabis candies for sale to pot dispensaries around the state. Marijuana dispensaries are illegal in Salinas, but pot production apparently is not. The company says it’s making stuff for wholesale distribution to licensed (for medical needs) marijuana shops in other towns.

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