CIRAS DIGEST: Friday, June 19, 2015

  • The Iowa Economic Development Authority agreed Friday to give CIRAS $100,000 for purchase of a metal 3-D printing machine. This was the last piece of a roughly $900,000 investment in additive manufacturing technology. In short, we intend to keep the machine on campus and use it to teach Iowa businesses about how this can help them. More details here.
  • Meanwhile, CNBC has posted a book-report story that involves “Debunking myths about manufacturing jobs.” It’s got nothing new, but it’s a nice summary that points to various facts and figures.
  • The Bowling Green Daily News has an article on Kentucky teachers attending a weeklong summer camp where they learn more about advanced manufacturing (and theoretically, become more likely to recommend it as a career path for their students).
  • And on the economy, National Public Radio has a web piece looking at Jeb Bush’s pledge (made here in Iowa) to grow the economy (GDP) at 4 percent.  Probably not possible, NPR concludes. Interesting tidbit: “ Since 1947, the economy has grown faster under Democratic presidents than Republicans. But… 2. A lot of that appears to be luck.”

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