CIRAS DIGEST: Friday, June 12, 2015

  • ICYMI, in closest-to-home news, two Iowa State University economists (who work closely with CIRAS) have released a paper arguing that there’s little evidence of the much touted skills gap in America’s workforce. Yes, employers have trouble finding willing workers, the economists agree. But that’s likely more a function of pay than it is worker ability. Here’s a story that ran in the Ames Tribune, as well as an original ISU news release.
  • CNBC’s website has an opinion piece splashing cold water on the notion of a renaissance in American manufacturing. Not happening, apparently. The sector is down 3.2 percent and 2 million jobs since 2007, according to the article.
  • Iowa will feature prominently in some Philadelphia commuting next week. A Philadelphia TV station ran a story there earlier this week about a pro-Iowa billboard that the Iowa Economic Development Authority has purchased one block away from the Philadelphia Convention Center (where there’s a bio-technology convention next week). According to the story, which quotes the billboard, “In Iowa, red tape is replaced by green lights.” (Sadly, video from the TV spot has already been removed.)

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