CIRAS DIGEST: Monday, May 18, 2015

  • ICYMI, the Des Moines Register reported late last week on a $264 million pork processing plant coming to Sioux City.
  • And Clinton is courting a “mystery company” by dangling $16 million in tax breaks.
  • Meanwhile, The Dubuque Times Herald notes that several of that area’s 30 biggest employers are manufacturers who have been on a hiring spree. The information comes from a census reported on the Greater Dubuque Development Corp. website.
  • Meanwhile, in this week’s 3D printing news, a website called TechXplore says there are some engineers at GE who printed a working jet engine. You can also find a version of the story at com.
  • And meanwhile, in today’s prescription for what’s ailing American manufacturing news, CNBC’s website has a piece from the vice president at PPG Industries, a Pittsburgh-based paint and coatings manufacturer. It boils down to a call for regulatory reform, tax reform and trade reform.

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