CIRAS DIGEST: Friday, April 24, 2015

  • The good news is that energy prices are low. But the bad news, if you’re in Oklahoma, is that energy prices or low. The Oklahoman has a story, based on a Federal Reserve survey, that it’s slowing manufacturing growth.
  • Ed Schultz
    Ed Schultz

    Equally as gloomy is a Politifact story based on MSNBC talking head Ed Schultz, who believes that U.S. trade deals have led to the closure of 50,000 factories. The website rates that statement as “half-true.”

  • Fox Business says overseas stocks fell Friday on bad manufacturing news out of China and Japan. In fact, the Wall Street Journal says a key manufacturing gauge in China has fallen to a one-year low.
  • Part of the reason, according to Financial Times, is that Mexico (instead of China) is winning more of the world’s car production business.
  • But, on the upside for us, the Des Moines Register says Iowa’s unemployment rate has dropped “to its lowest levels since the Great Recession.” Four percent last month. But the story contains some reasons not to get too excited about the future…

Thanks for reading anyway.

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