CIRAS Digest: Monday, March 30, 2015

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer has a familiar story about a suburban county’s efforts to lure teenagers to a life in industry. The second annual Montgomery County ManuFest was held Saturday, and the article quotes company leaders focused on wooing high school students to The problem, according to one local industry official, is that “kids haven’t seen it as sexy.”
  • A Las Vegas-based website called the Guardian Liberty Voice has an editorial calling for more government assistance to the manufacturing sector. The bottom line, according to the article is that “governments need to nurture growth in manufacturing so companies will want to do business in this country.”
  • The Quad City Business Journal would like to remind you that Iowa leads the nation in egg production. In 2013, there were 95.2 billion eggs produced nationally, 14.8 billion of them produced here. The next closest was Ohio, at slightly less than 8 billion.
  • (See also this semi-related, Twitter-provided insight on eggs.)
  • And lastly, The Des Moines Register has a look at the U.S. Attorney’s use of national security powers against two Chinese nationals charged with stealing seed corn secrets. Some of the evidence against Mo Hailong and Mo Yun apparently was collected using powers spelled out in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act instead of going through the normal search warrant process. There’s a fight brewing over admissibility of the evidence, with the government contending that national security is at stake. According to the article, Chinese companies cost U.S. businesses an estimated $48.2 billion in 2009 through “intellectual property infringement, including trade secret theft.”

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