CIRAS Digest: Monday, March 23, 2015

  • There’s a bill in Congress now to establish “manufacturing universities.” Twenty-five schools would each receive $20 million over five years to “step up advanced manufacturing in engineering programs.” This is according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Delaware News Journal, both of whom had their home-state legislators’ names attached to the bill, formally known as the Manufacturing Universities Act of 2015.
  • The Institute for Women’s Policy Research last week issued a report on “The Status of Women in the States: 2015 – Employment and Earnings.” Among the nuggets noted by trade industry news outlets is the fact that women still trail men drastically in pay – and at the current rate, won’t catch up until at least next century.
  • President Barack Obama went to Cleveland and announced plans for a textile manufacturing hub. Essentially, there will be a competition to see who gets $150 million from a public-private partnership to establish a “Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles Manufacturing Innovation Institute. Details are available, among other places, at Fashion Times.
  • According to The Columbus Dispatch, Honda is spending $1 million on the first year of a project designed to promote manufacturing careers to students in Ohio middle schools, high schools and colleges. There will be scholarships, mobile labs, and “an educational video game, among other things.”
  • Bankers see a weakening economy ahead for the rural Midwest, according to a short Associated Press story that appeared last week in The Dubuque Telegraph Herald.
  • Time discovered Sawyer a robot developed by a Boston company. According to the website, Sawyer “wants to revolutionize manufacturing.”

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