CIRAS Digest: Monday, March 2, 2015

  • We begin with a Dubuque Telegraph Herald story on the Klimb, a dog training platform created by Blue-9 LLC – with help from CIRAS. (The story only mentions us in passing. Watch this space for more information on this company in the coming months._
  • In other product news, a USA Today headline asks the question we’re all pondering deep down inside: “Is Iowa tofu the next foodie craze?” A new Des Moines plant plans to make 25 tons per day.
  • And here’s where the numbers come into the picture. A slew of new survey reports say manufacturing statistics are up at least slightly in Britain, Ireland and China. But ABC News says China’s improvement wasn’t really growth, and Fox Business has an Institute for Supply Management report saying that U.S. manufacturing grew at a slower (than 2014) pace in February, partly because of “weak growth in China, Europe and Japan.”
  • Also, oil got even cheaper last week when Iran raised the specter of ending sanctions and the fact that the country might soon be able to sell its crude again.
  • And lastly, a Forbes contributor is quoting analysts as they dampen expectations about the impact of future reshoring. Their point: Energy isn’t as big a deal as labor, so don’t expect everything to come home.

Thanks for reading. Stay warm.

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