CIRAS Digest: Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015

  • Iowa Farmer Today quotes ISU economist Dave Swenson as part of an overall wrap-up of the current ag-related economy. Basically, it could be a down few years for farmers, small towns and ag-related businesses – but we already knew that.
  • Generally, things are getting better – according to bankers. The Dubuque Telegraph Herald has a paywall-sheltered story about an Iowa Bankers Association survey. A majority are “optimistic that the Iowa economy will grow in the next six months,” while three-quarters expect interest rates to remain unchanged during that period.
  • Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette details a study released Wednesday by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte predicting that two million U.S. manufacturing jobs will go unfilled over the next decade because of a lack of workers with the right skills. The story also quotes a Cornell University official as saying that’s hogwash, since “the skills shortage disappears once you raise wages.”
  • And the Brookings Institution has a new paper out detailing what “Skills and Innovation Strategies” U.S. manufacturing can borrow from Germany. (The link goes to an abstract page. Get the full report by clicking a link at the bottom of the article.)
  • The Charlotte Business Journal is equally generous with its knowledge. An article there quotes an assistant U.S. secretary of Commerce as saying the path to rejuvenating American manufacturing lies through boosted U.S. exports. (In other words, better trade agreements are important to gain access to more markets.)
  • Elsewhere, an official with the San Antonio Manufacturers Association tells the San Antonio Business Journal that manufacturing is growing there.


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